Online Safety

Persian Passion creates a stimulating environment where you can experience dating in a safe and secure environment. You can keep track of who has been viewing your profile. There is an option to block, if you do not wish to entertain the interested user. But here is some tips and advice for you:

1. Exercise a Username that does not attract the wrong kind of attention.
2. Do not include your surname or give away too much personal information. Keep some surprises for later!
3. Do not get disappointed if the first one is not the right person for you.
4. Trust your feelings and take the plunge! If not, Google is always your best friend. Search for more information about him/her. There’s always Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter who can provide classified information!
5. For your own safety, make sure someone is informed about your actual date (place and time) and preferably meet in public.
6. Do not feel guilty to cut it short if you are not interested any more. However, do wish them luck as you don’t want to end on a bad note!